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"Marriage does work...But it only works between people who have slain their own dragons and who understand that real love is what grows in a heart that has been fertilized with the seeds of self-awareness and a heart that is strong enough to sustain that hard-earned sense of self."

-excerpt from God on a Harley, Joan Brady

​Slaying Our Own Dragons

Every relationship can be considered like a marriage...a coming together of two souls.  Accountability. Mindfulness and Self-Awareness. Understanding how our present is being held prisoner by the past. Releasing patterns and traumas that no longer serve us. These are some of the tools we can use individually to face and dissolve our dragons.

As we slay our own dragons with love, empathy and compassion, we can turn toward each other with greater love, empathy and compassion.


Improved connection and communication



Accessing Inner Wisdom

Individual growth within the relationship

Emotional support 

Conflict resolution

A Spiritual approach to relationship with others can assist you in these areas:

Relationship with Others

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