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                 The 38 plant-based flower essences can be useful for:

Fear and anxiety


Releasing old habits and patterns

​Improving focus and concentration

Improving self-esteem

Restoring confidence and hope

Releasing traumatic experiences 

​Improving emotional balance

Improved communication and coping skills

...and more.

For more information on how Bach Flower Remedies can address your concern, see the chart below or call 818.424.8860.

"I felt like I was being carried in the hands of God."

-A client describing Bach Flower Remedies.

I personally discovered Bach Flower Remedies after going through what is medically termed a "hysterical pregnancy" (nothing funny about it, I assure you!). This event triggered complete emotional, physical and spiritual upheaval and I found myself in a severe depressed state.


After a year in the "molasses", I went online for natural cures for depression. Among a list of the Bach flowers commonly used for depression, the one that jumped out at me was Pine. Pine is a remedy for guilt and self-worth, shame and blame. It remains my favorite remedy, and one of my greatest teachers.  From then on, I have utilized the Bach Flowers consistently for more than four years in my own individual work, and offered it to clients to support theirs. 

Bach flowers have been used to address all different kinds of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances.  They are an excellent complementary healing art that can be used alongside any other kind of treatment.  Remedies can assist children especially, in dealing with many issues facing adolescents such as self-esteem, bullying, focus and attention or communication difficulties.

Thirty-Eight Helpers and Healers

"Final and complete healing will come from within, from the Soul itself."

-Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936)

*Note: Bach Flower remedies are not medically certified. They are considered complementary or alternative healing arts services that are not licensed by the state.  Any information provided is not intended to medically diagnose, treat, are or prevent disease or health conditions.

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