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                   SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING

There is more to life than the material line of success and acquisition: there is also a learning line, designed to help us evolve to our original state of being.  Connect with your inner wisdom for insight and healing 

                     BACH FLOWER THERAPY
Thirty-eight flower based essences of which Dr. Bach said "Resonate with the highest virtue in mankind." Designed to assist our spiritual journey in restoring balance from within, and provide tremendous support for any and all issues.

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"Christie Batt is an amazing coach.  I have worked with her for a number of sessions.  Christie's coaching has gotten me through the most difficult times of my marriage and my self-growth.  She is professional, insightful and intuitive.  The space she holds is healing and allows you to be open, share from your heart and receive the gold in her words.  I have healed a number of my past life issues during two Past Life Regression sessions with Christie.  You will get 150% of her when you work with her.  I recommend Christie Batt and White Lotus Relationship Coaching wholeheartedly." 

- Z.M.

How it Works

Why the White Lotus?

“Christie really listens, and connects deeply. Her own spiritual work enables her to really help others.”    - Steve F


Past experiences and repressed emotions are energy that can remain stored in our bodies; sometimes manifesting as tension or chronic pain.  We can use our bodies as messengers to access and release the energies, using the breath and gentle inquiry.

"Working with Christie has been a life changer.  Her approach to therapy is sincere, authentic, caring and healing.  She brings an element to fill the gap between finding meaning, your meaning, in life and the jump off point where traditional therapy leaves you."

- J. B.


A long time symbol of spiritual transformation and awakening; the lotus flower grows out of the mud.  The White Lotus represents our innate True Self: pure, perfect and untouched by the darkness that surrounds it.  Ever present and waiting for us to reconnect and access all we need to address every element of our life.


A therapeutic relationship is all about the right fit. ​ Let's schedule a 30-minute heart-to-heart, at no charge, as a way of introduction.  Many clients schedule a 90-minute block of time around this appointment and decide to continue into an Initial Consultation. Session can be conducted in person or via Skype or phone.

INITIAL CONSULT: $125 - $175

This is a 90-minute session. Each individual is unique, therefore each treatment program is also. In our initial consultation, we can examine your needs and goals for our working together and craft the treatment program that will best suit your individual situation. Some of the tools we use are explained below.

We'll discuss a follow-up session schedule and fee structure during this time.  If called for, a Bach Flower mixture may be identified during this session, in which I will provide the mixture for you or you can procure the remedies on your own. 

FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS:  $90.00 - $125.00

Coaching and Bach Flower sessions are 60 minutes.  Regarding frequency of scheduling: for Bach Flowers only, each mixture will last approx. 3-6 weeks before the next session.

Regarding coaching, this varies from person to person depending on the need and desire. Many clients choose to come more frequently in the beginning and then less frequently as their healing progresses.  Some like to schedule "tune-ups" every so often.

I also strongly encourage clients to reach out to me and check in between sessions, via text or email or phone.  I am the kind of coach who will reach out to offer encouragement and support.  To me, this is an important part of a supportive healing environment.


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy sessions run approximately 2 1/2 hours.  This includes intake information, a full regression and life review.  For deeper integration of what arises during the session, a coaching and Bach Flower session can be very helpful. For those curious but nervous about hypnotherapy or past life regression, click here for more information.

"Since we started working with Christie, our relationship has deepened become more enriched.  Where there was distrust and feelings of being misunderstood and unsupported, now there is respect, understanding and care.  We were given the chance to work through our own issues so that we could have more compassion for the other.  My husband and I are able to have light-hearted fun together again, and are grateful for the chance to evolve in our spiritual practices together.  Christie lead us through our communication in such a graceful and impactful way, and without her guidance we could’ve been going in circles over the same underlying issue for a long time.  Christie’s intuition is spot on and cuts through the “junk” so that we can have a discussion on a different level. Her ability to navigate is really amazing.  We are so grateful for her."

- Marie S.

Tools for Healing


This is a compassionate experience of lowering the veil between the present and the past for learning and forgiveness. We gain access to wisdom accumulated over multiple lifetimes in order to more clearly understand the present.  Helpful in resolving chronic issues that resurface repeatedly.

                       NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION

The language of giraffes and jackals: a focus on needs and values rather than judgements and evaluations.  Marshall Rosenberg's NVC is a gift of communication useful in any and all difficult relationships: for partners, co-workers, and includes demonstrating compassion and empathy for oneself.

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